CAIM at Climate Camp 2023

CAIM hosted a very well-attended workshop at Climate Camp in Leitrim, August 2023. Representatives of several member groups spoke at it, and 80+ strong audience asked a number of engaging questions.

CAIM member Treasure Leitrim, co-host of the Climate Camp, also hosted a workshop on gold mining in Ireland.

CAIM members and people in attendance were particularly concerned about the Critical Raw Materials Act which is currently making its way through European Union bodies, and is due to come into force in 2024. The legislation is designed to prioritise the mining of materials considered critical for the energy transition and for industries such as arms production and data centres. The aim is to facilitate mining by labelling it as ‘projects of common public interest’ which facilitates the fast-tracking of planning permission and overrides legislation to protect areas of Special Scientific Interest. As this is an EU Regulation, it will be automatically legislated for in the Irish context. Please sign a petition here.